MO X NES in collaboration with Ohemaa Foundation.
We invest 10% of every order in PROJECT DIVINE CARE SCHOOL.


The passionate individuals who make up Ohemaa Foundation’s dedicated team bring their experiences and expertise to the organization to change millions of children’s lives across Ghana.



Divine Care School is a private school which has operated for six years at Ablekuma-Agape in Ghana, West-Africa. This school allows about 100 students and has classes that starts from Day Care to Junior High School.
It is a school that fights to offer quality education to its students, which has been facilitated by the free education program that the Ghanaian government has implemented. Though, the students are free from paying school fees, it is difficult for them to receive quality education due to a lack of multiple factors. Firstly, lack of proper school supplies. As many Ghanaian households have a low income, families are unable to buy school supplies such as notebooks, pens and calculators for the children to use at school. As a result, many children cannot follow classes properly or do their homework. Then, there is the lack of skilled teachers and finally, a safe, spacious, and child-friendly school building.


The children of today are the future leaders, doctors, lawyers and more of tomorrow, the key to the prosperity of a nation.
Education is one of the main factors to well-rounded development as it enables a generation to bring forth an array of change. Education facilitates the creation of a healthy thought process and adds to shaping a personality. Education is a basic necessity for human beings.

The power to educate a child, is in you.
The power to change the world, is in you.
The power to make the world a better place, is in you.

Join MO X NES in this fight to change the world.

Project Divine Care School consist of several goals. Our first goal is to provide school supplies to each and every student. All students will be equipped with notebooks, pens, schoolbags and more. Once this necessity is fulfilled, the second goal shall be started. Our second aim is to provide teachers with proper teacher training to improve the quality of classes that is given.
Finally, MO X NES wishes to aid in improving the state of the school building and facilities. A child has the right to feel safe during each moment in its life, this includes its time at school. As such, we aim to improve the classrooms, bathroom facilities and more to increase the quality of education that each student receives.

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